What springs to mind when you think about distribution? Most people think of warehouses, lorries and lots and lots of boxes. But the truth is a little more complicated (and interesting) than that.

In fact, it's impossible to over-emphasise just how important distribution is in today's Tesco.

The heart of our business

What use is a supermarket shelf if it's not brimming with exactly the products our customers want to buy? The fact is that no matter how hard we try in every other area of our business, if the distribution chain isn't perfect, then our customers won't be happy.

So it's a good thing we've got one of the best distribution networks around where you'll find working examples of technology which most people just get to read about in trade journals - including the latest paperless picking.

Training & support

Customers and talented people - they're what Tesco thrives on, and distribution is no different.

Because talent is so important to us, you'll find a serious commitment to your development. If you have ambition and aptitude, we'll support you all the way.

Want to know more?

From details on the roles we recruit to training and benefits information to an insight into working in distribution and a distribution centre finder - find a wealth of information on what it's like to work in Distribution.


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