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Frequently Asked Questions

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Optical Pre-Registration 2015 | Competitive

A structured and supportive training programme that follows the College of Optometrists Scheme for Registration pre-registration programme and...

Application questions

Can I apply by post rather than online?

For Graduate, Head Office, Store Management, Depot Management and Pharmacy positions we only accept online applications. However for General Assistant / Team Member vacancies in Depots or Stores we only accept applications made in person or posted to the location where the vacancy is - you'll need to complete an application pack.

Use the following links to find out locations nearest to you that may be recruiting:

Can I email Tesco with a question or to follow up my application?

If you have a question about our recruitment and employment policy, firstly look through our careers site.

If you are having problems with the registration process, or entering your information (the section of the site you're directed to if you click on Job Search & Apply), use the FAQ facility within the Application Centre.

If you have registered with us as a general applicant, we will contact you when your experience and skills match a vacancy.

Can I apply through this careers site for Store based or Depot roles?

Click here to view store vacancies. If your store does not appear on the vacancy list please ask in your local store for more details. Use the Store Finder to find your nearest store or else our Depot Finder to find the contact details of your nearest depot. However all office support and management positions are advertised on and applied for through this site.

I've heard there's a new store opening close to me - where can I find out details on your recruitment for this?

Click here to view any new store vacancies. If a new store is opening in your area please contact your local Jobcentre Plus. For management level positions in New Stores we'll advertise through this careers site and so please go to Job Search & Apply.

Can I apply for more than one role?

Yes, but although the selection criteria may be similar most positions are very different. Please think about the type of role that will suit you and your ultimate goals best, and only apply for appropriate vacancies.

Can I apply if I don't have a full work-permit?

No. We can only consider applications from those with a full and valid permit to work in the country in which they are seeking employment.

What can I expect at an interview?

Friendly people and lots of questions. We'll want to know all about your background and whether your skills match our core competency framework and the role for which you're applying. Of course, interviews work two ways, so you'll be encouraged to ask questions about Tesco in return.

If my application is unsuccessful, can I request feedback?

Yes. In the first instance, please contact the Personnel representative who informs you of our decision.

Do you have summer/Christmas holiday jobs available?

We do sometimes have temporary positions available in our stores. To find out about opportunities in your area, please contact the Personnel Manager at your local store directly. To find your local store, you may want to use the store finder.

For Students working at Tesco we have an internal benefits club - The Debut Club ( Within this there is a facility where you can register and we will try and transfer Stores based employment between term time and home addresses. Find out more within the Students section of this site.

Location and Travel

Where am I likely to be located?

Most head office roles are in Hertfordshire, in Cheshunt or Welwyn Garden City. Retail and Depot opportunities may arise anywhere. Obviously we'll try to accommodate your preferences in the first instance, but to take up the best opportunities in our business you may want to move around.

Is overseas travel mandatory at management level?

No, but as our international operations grow, more roles do require some travel and if you are mobile, there may be a wider range of career opportunities open to you.

Will Tesco pay for me to relocate within the UK?

Possibly, depending on individual circumstances. If you think this may apply to you, please discuss it with us at interview.

Working Here

Will I have to wear a uniform?

If you work in store, you'll probably wear a Tesco uniform, but this depends on your role. In head office, dress in some functions is 'business' most of the week and casual on Fridays, while some departments wear casual clothes all week.

Are there lots of social activities?

There's a great team atmosphere in Tesco stores and people tend to work hard and play hard. Most people who work in office-based roles live reasonably locally and so there's generally quite a strong wider social scene here too, as well as great team spirit that can often mean after work get togethers for those who are interested. Plus there are all sorts of company events as well as discounts to shows and activities via our Extra Choices club.

Tesco - Further Information

Where can I find out more about Tesco as a company?

Simple: visit

What is Tesco's position on the environment and community?

We take our responsibilities as a member of both local and wider communities very seriously and we're always trying to do our bit to help. To read more about our commitments and activities, visit the Corporate Social Responsibility section of this careers site - Tesco and the community - or else visit our corporate website: