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Dairy Team Leader

Joined Tesco February 2004

The atmosphere in my store is great ...I'm sure it's got the best crowd!

My first experience of working for Tesco was while I was studying for my 'A' Levels. Over time, my responsibilities were increased, so at the end of my studies, instead of going off to university, I decided to embark on the Tesco 'A' Level Options Programme, which I have almost completed.

You're taught a lot of things on the Programme and recently I have been attending workshops to improve essential skills, such as communication or prioritising tasks.

The best things about my job are, quite simply, that I'm doing something I like and working with like-minded people. Everybody knows and supports everyone else and we all have a really good laugh in the workplace. The atmosphere in my store is great and, although it's the only store I've worked in, I'm sure it's got the best crowd!

When I finish my Options Programme, I'd like to work in the Fresh Food section and work up to becoming the Section Manager. Whatever I decide to do I'm confident in the knowledge that I'll receive all the backing and support I need.