It sounds obvious, but our supplier relationships are right at the centre of our success.

So when we use words like 'partnership', we do not use them lightly - when we grow, we want our suppliers to grow with us.

The right way to treat suppliers

Above all, we treat our suppliers as we like to be treated. That means being fair, honest and responsible, sharing our knowledge and helping them to develop new products that follow customer trends.

But it's not just about worthy aims.

What suppliers say about Tesco

In February 2006, we conducted our second supplier viewpoint survey. This gives us anonymous, confidential feedback on what it is like to work with Tesco. Over 90% of suppliers have reported that we are trustworthy, reliable, consistent, clear, helpful and fair.

We're still working on that remaining 10%, and we won't give up until we get there.

Doing the right thing

All our buyers are trained to understand and comply with the Supermarket Code of Conduct. What's more, the recent Office of Fair Trading audit of the code found no breaches at Tesco.

We've also appointed a Code Compliance Officer who is wholly independent from our commercial teams, who works to advise and help us resolve complaints.

Global reach

We currently source 35% of our hardline ranges for the UK through our International Sourcing Offices.

This year, it's getting even more exciting, as we share what we've learnt about international sourcing with our colleagues in Ireland and Central Europe.

This means working as one to source products common in all countries. The end result will be even lower prices for our customers. However, we're not about to stamp our individuality - each country will still identify (and source) the local needs of their customers.