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Where do you fit in? Depots

What springs to mind when you think about depots? Most people think of warehouses, lorries and lots and lots of boxes. But the truth is a little more complicated than that.

In fact, it's impossible to over-emphasise just how important depots are in today's Tesco.

The heart of our business

What use is a supermarket shelf if it's not brimming with exactly the products our customers want to buy, when they want to buy them? The fact is that no matter how hard we try in every other area of our business, if the distribution chain is not perfect, then our customers won't be happy.

So it's a good thing we've got one of the best depot networks around where you'll find working examples of technology which most people just get to read about in trade journals - including the latest paperless picking.

With new depots, new systems and new ways of running our depot network, we make sure our customers get what they want, when they want it.

Our depots

The numbers are big. In the UK and Ireland we have over 13.2 million square foot of warehouse space, and deliver 58 million cases on average per week.

At our new Daventry Grocery depot we have a rail terminal with 1.5 km of rail in 3 rail sidings, capable of loading and unloading 8 trains per day.

We have three streams that are separated by the product that they look after:

  1. Fresh and Frozen Foods
  2. Dry Grocery
  3. General Merchandise

We have Tesco run depots and work with some third party suppliers too.

More than warehouses and lorries

Your aim? To create simpler, more cost-effective operations, without compromising service or quality. Simpler - Better - Cheaper. It's in everything we do.