Share our Success

Every Little Helps is all about making working together more enjoyable.

Shares in Success

So, to thank our people for the success they've brought the business, we give free shares to everyone who's worked here for one year at the end of the financial year (February). We share a proportion of our profit amongst our colleagues, based on salaries. These Tesco shares are held in trust for 5 years, and after that you can take them, tax-free.

Save As You Earn

Every October those people who've been here a year get the option to save up to £50 every 4 weeks for either 3 or 5 years and receive a tax-free bonus at the end. You can use your savings and bonus to buy Tesco shares at up to 20% less than the market price, or take the cash.

Buy As You Earn

After three months working with us you'll have the chance to join the BAYE scheme. You buy shares at the market price every 4 weeks, saving tax and National Insurance on the salary you use to do this. You can start, stop or change the amount you invest at any time. And if you keep the shares in trust for 5 years you'll get even more tax advantages.