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The stores story

When you think about some of the things we sell, it's easy to forget just how important our stores are.

We never forget that stores are where we started, and they're still the largest single part of our business. Stores are also at the heart of our overseas business - remember we're now in 12 countries.

And because stores are the places where we actually meet our customers, they're the inspiration for everything we do.

People. Our not-so-secret ingredient.

Since we can't use big neon signs and loudhailers on our website, it's difficult to emphasise this next bit enough: Tesco is, at the end of the day, a people business.

And the two most important groups of people? Our customers and our own people. Without the support of our customers, there simply wouldn't be a Tesco. And without well-trained, highly-motivated colleagues, there'd be no customers. It's a partnership - which is why your recruitment and training is so important to us.

The customer first - every time

A Tesco store is a high-performing, professional business where everyone has a role to play - and all of them aimed at making sure we do our best for each and every customer.

That's why you'll often find store managers and customer assistants on the shop floor, staying in contact with our customers and making sure no one forgets who matters most.

Get back what you give

Tesco is a workplace with opportunities - we're keen as you are to see that you move on and develop. After all, your growth is our growth.

If you're ready to get stuck in, we think you'll love it. Put your ability and hard-working attitude together, and the whole of Tesco is open to you. Now that's quite an incentive.

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