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Commercial Programme

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it only for 18-year-olds?

Not at all, the programme is open to anyone who has the UCAS criteria we require.

What's the training structure?

Your training will help you to develop the technical and leadership skills you'll need to become a Buyer or Merchandiser.

When do I find out the salary?

Salaries are confirmed upon offer.

Where are the roles based?

The roles are based in our Head Offices located in Welwyn Garden City and Cheshunt, so you could be placed at either office.

How much support do I get during the programme?

Of course you will be supported from day one, but ultimately your progress and development is driven by you.

Can I apply for more than one area e.g. Head Office and Stores?

The qualities we ask for might be similar for both areas, but the jobs themselves can be very different. This means you can't apply to more than one programme a year. So it's a good idea to spend some time thinking about which type of job will suit you best, to make sure it matches your qualities and interests. Don't forget, there'll be plenty of opportunities to discover other sides of our business once you've joined us and your career progresses.

Who do I contact if I have special requirements and need help filling in the application form?

We're an equal opportunities employer and want to do everything we can to make our application process as simple as possible. So we're happy to provide support – just email us at Alevel.recruitment@uk.tesco.com.

Can I email Tesco with a question or to follow up my application?

If you can't find your answer in this Frequently Asked Questions section or are having problems with the registration process, email Alevel.recruitment@uk.tesco.com