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Nicola - Grocery Manager

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can the Tesco Trainee Management Programme take me?

In short, wherever you want. The first stage is Line Manager. Then we have development programmes to take you further in your career and across the business.

What happens after sign off?

You will be appointed into your first management position after approximately six months. You will then discuss your career with your Store Manager and will continue to be supported by the central team for another six months, to ensure a smooth transition into your new management position.

How long is it?

The Trainee Management Programme lasts 12 months: six months' training and then six months in your first management role.

Is it only for 18 year olds?

Not at all. The programme is open to anyone who has the UCAS criteria we require.

Do you go to different stores?

Yes. If you are internal, you will move stores at the beginning of your programme. You may also move stores for your Line Manager placement, or once you’re signed off and appointed into a management role.

When do I find out the salary?

Upon offer. You can ask about this when you have completed the selection process - however the answer will only be a guideline as our pay structure is r