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Michelle - Checkout Manager

The Programme

Our fast-track programme can launch retail management careers in less than 12 months.

Join the programme and you will receive immediate responsibility, combined with excellent on and off the job training whilst you are gaining invaluable, hands-on experience.

We'll expect a lot from you throughout the programme, so you'll need to be hardworking, passionate about retail and committed to delivering the very best for our customers. However, you'll receive full support from the senior managers in your store to help you realise your potential.

Programme Structure

Upon joining the programme, you will attend a two day Corporate Induction will all of the Management Trainees from across the UK. On your first day in your new store you will commence your three week Store Induction, which will help you understand how our stores work. As part of your Induction, we will also expect you to spend a week working nights, so you can fully understand the 24-hour retail operation.

Following your Store Induction, you will start your Line Manager development. You will receive both on and off the job training, as you develop the technical and leadership skills required for the role. Once you have successfully completed all of your training, you will commence your Line Manager placement. During which, you will hold the full accountability of a manager, including managing a team of people.

Prove yourself during your placement and you could be attending your sign off meeting by March, ready to be appointed into a permanent Line Manager position. Where you will then be responsible for managing your own department.


Throughout the programme you will have a strong team around you to support you at all times. However, the programme has to be driven by you. We will expect you to proactively seek feedback, complete your development folder and plan your time effectively.

To support you throughout the programme, you will attend weekly informal reviews with your Line Manager and formal four-weekly reviews with your Store Manager to monitor your progress. Your Line Manager will also support and guide you through the programme as your mentor.

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