Software Engineers

  • One of our earliest –

    and most innovative – projects was the launch of our Clubcard loyalty scheme over 20 years ago.

    Laptop computer being used on a table
  • Tesco has always

    embraced innovation. Before the internet we even had a sales channel on Ceefax and used to send customers our catalogue via floppy disk!

    Tesco colleague at her desk
  • Technology permeates our entire business

    and our API’s run everywhere from the internet to our tills. And they serve everywhere – even the weighing scales in our store.

    A customer shopping in a Tesco store
  • We are the largest online

    Grocery Retailer in the world, and we have the largest identity store in the UK – bar none.

    Customer shopping online
  • Work / life balance

    is an important factor to us; we work with our colleagues to make sure that they are based in the most convenient of our 3 campuses, and are taking advantage of our flexible working hours.

    Tesco colleagues


An annual bonus scheme
up to 3.5% of base salary

with 10% off most purchases at Tesco

A retirement savings plan
4.0-7.5% contribution rate

If you think of your local Tesco store, technology might not be what immediately springs to mind. So it may surprise you to know that our innovation in technology began over 20 years ago; today our APIs run everything from our tills to our grocery home shopping – even the weighing scales in stores. Technology permeates our entire business; from our Supply Chain to in our Stores, and of course online too. We’re looking for people who want to work on exciting new initiatives at a time of huge expansion in our Technology team. Joining us means playing a part in defining, building and launching an ambitious roadmap of digital products that could affect the lives of 476,000 colleagues, and millions of customers.

Working across a number of high profile projects such as our Clubcard loyalty programme, mobile payment solutions and in-store 'scan as you shop' options, our Engineers face the challenging task of delivering incredible solutions and creative improvements; ensuring that Tesco is every customer's favourite way to shop online, whether they are at home or on the move, anywhere in the world.  

As part of our Software Development Engineering team, you will work across the full software development lifecycle, liaising with Product Managers to help shape the backlog and future direction of the products we build. We firmly believe in autonomous teams, and operate full DevOps, giving our Engineers full responsibility for their work.

You’ll be part of a team which demonstrates an ability to analyse problems and solve them at their root cause, recommending software upgrades for existing applications and systems ensuring that the software continues to function normally through regular use, maintenance and testing. You will design each piece of the application or system and plan how the pieces will work together, producing high quality, maintainable and resilient code; and as part of this, you’ll implement and test features to a very high quality and support the product or service in testing and live environments. You’ll also play an active role in our Technology community, consistently seeking out new languages and tools that will help to improve working practices across multiple teams. We work together to perform code reviews, suggest best practice improvements, and educate, review and help other engineers to grow their capability – ensuring that our work impacts the way that our entire organisation operates.


We’re delighted to have recently launched our Career Framework, which allows our Technology colleagues to easily see the available career paths within the department, and the detailed technical skills for the roles within this. As a colleague, you are able to rate yourself against any of the roles in the Framework and visualise your suitability for the role and your development needs in order to work towards it. This is designed to enable you to reflect on areas in which you are strong, and to help identify the areas to develop in order to allow you to create the most effective Personal Development Plan, and progress to the next role in your career.