Gemma Manders & Faye Stevenson

Current Role: Job Share Store Managers

Location: Northallerton Superstore

Joined Tesco: October 2004 & June 2002


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People assume working part-time is easier, it might look that way from the outside but it’s hard when you’ve not been in work for two or three days as you need to be up to speed pretty quickly. The decisions you take are more balanced as you have two perspectives. Now I reflect more and make patient decisions rather than acting on impulse. We’ll always respect each other’s opinion.

Previously it could be lonely in the role as a sole Store Manager working three days a week, Faye and I are now our own support network.

We trust each other entirely and have a unique working partnership. Of course it has taken a while to get to this point, but it’s been worth it. It’s like having another half to bounce ideas off and also reduces the stress levels a bit as we’re able to share the load and be more effective. We’re not in competition with each other, we collaborate.

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“It’s empowering to work for a company with such amazing and endless opportunities, you can go as far as you want.”

We both joined Tesco as we felt it would offer personal development and career opportunities. We progressed through several management roles to become Store Managers and love that Tesco has supported the work-life balance that the job sharing has given us. We both have young children and can now manage being great mums, being there for the family with having successful careers.

We’ve been fortunate to be on the Women in Leadership programme, encouraging women to pursue their career dreams. The 10% discount is brilliant when you have a family home to run. The benefits on offer really do make a difference, from the generous maternity package, childcare vouchers, bonus potential and not forgetting the colleague discounts!

“'Treat people how they like to be treated' is a core Tesco value: it’s what we grew up with and the principles Tesco believes in are no different to the ones we teach our children."

We always tell applicants to be true to your beliefs, be sure in yourself, commit and work hard. Talent is always recognised here, and ambition will help you to achieve.

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