LGBTQ+ Networks

LGBTQ+ at Tesco supports colleagues so that they feel confident to be themselves at work – when you are your ‘best self’ at work, you perform at your greatest.

Our Vision

To ensure everyone is welcome at Tesco, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity, through education, support and celebration. We want to connect our members together in a safe environment and provide a place where they can seek advice and support confidentially on matters that are important to them.

We will:
• Promote an inclusive environment for colleagues and customers, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity
• Challenge stereotypes within our business
• Provide support, advice and networking opportunities for LGBTQ+ colleagues and allies
• Help shape and support the business with policies, products and services for Tesco LGBT+ colleagues and customers

Our Objectives and Focus

• Help shape and support the business with policies, products and services for Tesco LGBT+ colleagues and customers


Tesco and AKT

Tesco has been a partner of Pride in London for ten years; donating lunches for Parade volunteers on the day and giving out little helps like water and flags to paradegoers, in addition to providing generous financial support for the community.

London Pride was unfortunately cancelled this year due to Coronavirus so we decided to devote a lot of our Pride budget to helping charities. 

Carrie is the Deputy CEO at AKT – a homelessness charity working to secure safe homes and better futures for LGBTQ+ young people. Click here to hear what it takes to be a great ally at Tesco.


T&Coffee is peer to peer networking project,  providing alcohol free, accessible and safe spaces, where trans and gender diverse people can share their experiences. The project is aimed at trans and gender diverse people, with any gender history, at any stage of their journey, their families and carers, who are looking to find or offer peer to peer community based support.

T&Coffee was founded by a transgender woman who identified the limitations of support through online platforms.  

This project aims to bridge that gap, through allowing members of a marginalised and largely online community, to have a safe and friendly space to turn to.

We are proudly supported by Out At Tesco, who have kindly let us use their national locations to host these events. We are also members of Trans In The City who have provided guidance to help our team grow.

Learn more or join one of our virtual meet ups, click here.


Read stories about LGBTQ+ Networks's...

Mike Casey

Mike Casey

“Coming out was really tough and without my Tesco family, I honestly don’t know what and where I would be now.”

Matt Jones

Matt Jones

"I realise retrospectively that I’ve always been safe in Tesco and elated that I can actually bring my authentic self to work."