Mikya Rozner

Current Role: Product Manager


Learning that goes beyond technology.


For Mikya, working at Tesco really has lived up to the hype. Read her blog and discover how the support she’s received and the professional and personal learning she’s gained has kept her here.


“I'm a Product Manager in the Tesco Labs team. We focus on innovation and how we can create change and make an impact in Tesco. We spend a lot of time learning about different parts of the business and new technologies. Then, once we’ve discovered something that has potential, we work together to build and test it, and if it’s successful, we’ll launch it.

“We have quite a variety of personalities in our team, but our core values are similar.”

We rely on each other to build and manage the projects we’re working on. So we have to be positive and comfortable challenging ourselves and each other. We have a variety of personalities in our team, but our core values are similar. But we don’t just come to work to get the job done and then go home. It’s more open than that. We all get on, which is great, and we make a real effort to get to know more about each other’s personal lives, which really makes a difference for me.

“It’s the culture and the people that keep me at Tesco.”

Before I joined, I was told the biggest reason to work here was the people and now I know that it wasn’t just hype. Three years is the longest I’ve stayed in a role and organisation, and I don’t plan on leaving, so that’s saying something. It’s the culture and the people that keep me here.

The work is also a big reason I’d encourage someone to join the Tech team at Tesco. We get to influence millions of lives and that’s super powerful in my mind. And I really like that it’s not hierarchical. We engage with senior leaders quite often and it’s about delivering a project and making a difference, not about who’s more important in the room.

“I’ve received so much guidance and support with my goals for the future.”

When I joined, I still had so much to learn. Our team is made up of people from many different tech backgrounds and everyone has been helpful and patient, explaining things in a simple way so that I can do my best work. My manager and team have both been a great help on my journey and I’ve received so much guidance and support with my goals for the future.

And the support has been extended to my life outside of work too. I have family abroad and they’ve had their health struggles, particularly during COVID, and everyone has been supportive of me gaining the flexibility so that I can still feel close to my family. Not having to compromise on those relationships has been a big part of my commitment to Tesco.

“Tesco continually questions how to be more inclusive.”

When it comes to diversity and inclusion, I believe Tesco is ahead of many other organisations and I know they appreciate that things can still be better. D&I is such a huge, growing topic so I feel a sense of pride that I’m able to be part of the learning journey and that Tesco continually questions how to be more inclusive.

I’m often still the only woman on a call, but I’ve never felt like an outsider because of it. And a great example of Tesco working to improve this, and the technology industry as a whole, is the initiatives they sponsor. Tech She Can is an organisation that’s focused on inspiring young girls into technology roles, and I’ve been lucky enough to represent Tesco at events for them.

I know more about tech than your average person, but that’s because I’ve accumulated the knowledge over time with the support and empowerment I’ve received at Tesco. We’re on the right track. So join us, and be part of the change.”

Everyone’s welcome at Tesco. We’re there for our people, whatever life brings. So we’ll do everything we can to support you; to help you feel comfortable being yourself at work, and to ensure you’ve always got what you need to develop and grow with us.

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