Navdeep Singh Sethi

Current Role: Lead Technical Program Manager


The value of Data and Analytics


Learn about how Navdeep and his team use data to drive key business decisions. Also discover the support and empowerment Tesco gives its colleagues to achieve their career goals.


“From the day I joined Tesco, I was amazed by the way people interacted with each other and the respect that was shown. In fact, on the day I started, everything from my interaction with the security team outside the campus to the way I was welcomed by my manager made me feel like I was already part of the family.


My journey began over 12 years ago. Coming in with a background in 3D visualisation, I initially joined Tesco Property Services where I had a successful career and got to know so many people through the projects I worked on, eventually, building a strong network and reputation.

“Everything we do is related to data.”

After working on some large-scale projects, I was intrigued to see what else I could put my skills to and I was given a lot of support along the way. I remember my manager saying: "Navdeep, the day you feel somebody else is ready to do your job, it’s our job to find a new one for you." This has stuck with me because it’s such a great outlook and mentality. It’s the attitude I also have when I’m supporting others to grow and progress in their careers.


 I see technology like an ocean. You can either take a deep dive and become an expert in a chosen area, or swim free and learn different things while exploring diverse projects. There’s so much on offer, it just depends on the individual appetite. I’ve always been fascinated by the amount of data that’s generated at Tesco and was curious to see how I can contribute to this area.


Even before I’d applied for the position, I spoke to several colleagues already in the role who were happy to give me insight into their work and experience. Upon completion of a successful assessment, I joined the Data and Analytics team as a TPM.  About a year back, I was able to progress into the role of a Lead Technical Programme Manager, focussing on the finance domain.

“We develop products which helps solve complex business problems.”

My team’s strategy is to help discover answers quickly and easily, by creating a single source of truth, accessible by a self-service model. Using a variety of tools such as Hadoop, Tableau, Alteryx and Alation, we help set up, maintain and improve the data platform so that it’s easy to access and use. We also create new insights by combining data sources, as well as build dashboards and reports. Our products help the organisation use a data-driven approach to make the best decisions for the business, our customers, our communities and the planet.


We are currently working on a Data Management project, managing data is a fundamental capability to support Tesco’s operations and strategy, and to deliver for our customers, communities, and planet.  Improving Data Management at Tesco will help us deliver on three main outcomes: making data valuable, usable and managing risks.


Our Data and Analytics team is made up of different roles and the team culture is just great. We communicate on things that work and those that do not as well as discuss changes we could implement that will make our processes easier or quicker. We also ensure we’re balancing our time between work and further developing our skills. We like to put work aside to talk about our personal lives too, keeping up to date on what we’re all doing outside of the office.

“People have given me a lot of opportunities to grow, I want to do the same for others.”

My primary role is to unblock impediments across our projects and programmes, highlight and manage risks and work closely with Product Managers and Engineers to deliver value to our stakeholders, at the same time as giving shape to complex products. I’m also responsible for overseeing the work of my team and ensuring they have everything they need to do their best.


Another part of my role, which I really enjoy, is mentoring and coaching aspiring Technical Programme Managers and supporting the recruitment process so that we hire the right talent. Not only can I share my knowledge and personal experience, but I can also help colleagues get into the areas they’re passionate about.

“Tesco is a place full of endless opportunities.”

Tesco has a fantastic culture. We are one of Best Places to work. Irrespective of your experience, you’ll always be given the opportunity to explore a role that you’re interested in, and the tools you need to create whatever career you want.”

Being part of our Technology team means you get the time and tools to try new things. Like the ideas that make life a little better for our customers. And the career progression that makes life a little better for you, too.

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