Ronan Busfield

Current Role: Contingent Workforce Advisor

Location: Welwyn Garden City

Joined Tesco: 2015


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After I finished studying music at Oxford University I didn’t have a clue what I wanted to do with my career. Singing has always been a passion of mine, at first I started in professional choirs, then after five years I then moved into performing opera. I have been fortunate enough to sing in opera houses all around the world. I really enjoyed my time as a performing artist but I had no work/life balance, I was travelling all the time and living out of a suitcase.

Tesco recognised that I had a bunch of transferable skills that they were looking for. I’m really creative and innovative in my thinking and I love getting out there and making connections with people. As a self-employed performer resilience is key, I just needed to learn the technical skills. Tesco gave me an opportunity in 2015.

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“When I decided to leave the world of performing arts, lots of companies wouldn’t entertain my CV.”

Over the last four years I’ve been really lucky to have had opportunities to develop my career and gain lots of experience across many functions. From being a buyer in garden plants and flowers (which made me very popular with my wife) to now working in the People team. I used to struggle with dyslexia, and Tesco provided an assessment by an educational psychologist, which I have found invaluable. I’ve been taken in directions I never thought possible, all within a culture of trust and openness that has enabled me to embrace new skills and adapt to new challenges. 

I’ve never felt like an outsider and I‘m recognised for my own achievements, I’m not just known to be the ‘singing guy’…until now.

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“Music has always been a big part of my life. I’ve missed not being able to indulge my passion and I saw Britain’s Got Talent as a perfect way to pursue this.”

Even though my full-time job isn’t performing on stage anymore, singing is still a big part of my life. Friends and family have encouraged me to apply to Britain’s Got Talent and my Tesco colleagues have been really supportive along the way. It’s something I’ve been wanting to do for years and I thought that 2018 – maybe this is my year?

In my performing days I could be away for weeks at a time, here at Tesco I work regular hours which means I get to see my wife, son and dog every morning and evening. Having my weekends back has been great for seeing family and friends too. If I need to come to the office a bit later, leave earlier or work from home, it’s not a problem. There are no funny looks from colleagues if I drop my son off at nursery, get stuck in traffic and walk in the office a little late. Its things like this that really make a difference and mean that I can be my best at work and at home.

Whatever the outcome on Britain’s Got Talent, I already work in a company with many more opportunities. This really is a place to get on – Tesco’s got talent too.

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