Thomas Dille

Current Role: Finance Manager for F&F Clothing


Meet Thomas and learn about his Tesco story

What is your name and job title?

Hi, I’m Thomas and I’m currently a Finance Manager for F&F Clothing.  F&F trades in Tesco stores across the UK, Republic of Ireland and Central Europe and I support the F&F leadership team in managing these businesses by providing financial information and analysis that assists with decision making to ensure that performance is in line with the strategic ambitions. It is my role to understand how the profitability of the F&F business will be impacted by internal and external factors, such as trade promotions and movement in foreign exchange rates.

What were you doing before you joined Tesco?

I started working Tesco at a young age, working part-time in store whilst completing my A levels and university degree. After completing a degree in Mathematics with Business Management I explored Tesco’s graduate scheme offering, which facilitated my move into the office.

What attracted you to apply for a role at Tesco?

I’ve always been impressed by the way Tesco uses data to help drive its business decisions. Tesco has a wealth of data and I was drawn in by the opportunity to analyse this data to help the business with its future growth plans.

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"The level of breadth and variety at Tesco has been great. I don’t think I would have had this experience this elsewhere."

What do you like most about working at Tesco?

I think Tesco offers a great range of opportunities. I originally joined Tesco working in store, but have since moved to the office, working in roles across the Property, Marketing and Finance functions. I’ve always found that the company is fully supportive in whatever move you want to make and have experienced this first-hand; when I moved into Finance, Tesco offered me the opportunity to complete a professional qualification to aid this transition.

What is your proudest moment since joining Tesco?

One of my proudest moments within Tesco was whilst working as the Sales Forecast Manager for the UK business and I delivered an accurate daily sales forecast over the Christmas period. This was a high-profile project as the business used this forecast to help plan operations for the busiest trading period and an incorrect forecast would have impact on stock availability and the hours in store to serve our customers. Creating the forecast involved a lot of analysis and modelling of previous years to understand the trends in customer shopping behaviour and so seeing the actual sales perform in line with the forecast was a massive achievement.

If you were to pitch a role at Tesco, what would the 3 key selling points be?

1. Variety – roles in Tesco offer variety in terms of the projects that you can get involved in and the people that you interact with, which can help you to build a large network across the organisation.
2. People/Culture – the people are fun and easy to work with and Tesco has developed a great inclusive culture.
3. Further opportunities – The size of business means that there are a wide range of potential roles to move into that can help you develop a broad experience.

How does Tesco support you to get the right work life balance?

Tesco recognises that people work in different ways and therefore the working hours can be adapted to suit what works for you.

Do you have a fact about your role, department or Tesco to share that might surprise someone?

F&F is the 6th biggest Clothing retailer in the UK.

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