Software Development Engineer II - Java

Salary: Competitive

Location: London EC1R 5AR

United Kingdom

Apply by: 04/02/2019

Software Development Engineer II - Java

London EC1R 5AR

About the role

Payment Services team is at the heart of Tesco Technology, serving 28 million+ shoppers in the UK and abroad. We deliver HTTP services that take Card Payment at global scale. We also provide capabilities that detect and prevent fraud and built innovative technologies to reduce Loss. 100M+ transactions/day, multi-billion events/day, a billion pound/week. We work at scale.

At the core of our capability is the Payment API, that takes all card payment and offers Wallet management, Fraud check, Loss prevention measures and Financial reconciliation capabilities. It is built using Java and Akka. It runs on AWS (soon to go to Azure). We embrace DevSecOps as much as we can. Automated Security Scan, Continuous Delivery, Canary, Blue-Green deployment, Feature-Flag are core to our success. Kanban is in full swing. We support what we code.

The entirety of Tesco Engineering is quite advanced in adopting Containers, Micro-service and Event Sourcing architecture.

As a team we are humble and supportive of each other and highly collaborative both internally and with other teams. Egos should stay at home.

We have opening for both Individual Contributors and a Software Development Manager who will also individually contribute to an extent. This role will report into the Software Development Manager or Head of Software Development (depending on which opening suits you) and is based out of our Farringdon office. 

You will be responsible for

Typically the role involves the following activities:

  • Pairing with other engineers to write high quality code that’s easy to understand and work with.
  • Writing tests - very often before the associated code - at unit level.
  • Reviewing pull requests and giving good feedback.
  • Attending backlog planning sessions to discuss and estimate (small, medium, large) upcoming stories.
  • Taking part in understanding requirements and designing API endpoints and their implementations.
  • Supporting the service, both during office hours and out of hours via paid support rota.
  • Automating the build, provisioning and deployment in the cloud.
  • Implementing monitoring and alerting mechanisms via Splunk, Runscope and other tools.
  • Building for security and user data privacy. We aspire for full PCI Compliance.
  • Being involved with attracting and interviewing further excellent engineers for Tesco.

You will need

Experience relevant for this job:

  • Hard core Java skill.
  • Akka skill is a big plus.
  • Designing and building distributed systems, for scalability, availability and performance.
  • Testing everything, automating everything.
  • Written and verbal communication skills.
  • Problem solving, analysis and computational skills.
  • Customer focus.
  • Innovative approach to problem solving.

What will make you stand out:

  • Experience in implementing Event Sourcing and Micro-service architecture.
  • Proficiency in Kubernetes.
  • Some experience in Cassandra.
  • Some experience in Kafka.
  • Some experience in MySQL/Postgres.
  • Defensive or Offensive Security skill/certifications.
  • Some AWS/Azure skill.
  • People Management skill of a team of 5-7 people (if interested in a Software Development Manager position).

About us

Why Tesco Technology..?

  • We are building systems to solve real world problems at scale, with impact for tens of millions of people.
  • There are great engineers (and managers and product people) to learn from.
  • We are agile and enlightened in our approach to building software and teams.
  • There’s a great atmosphere and we work sustainably as a team.
  • Tesco has a “do the right thing” mentality.
  • We promote flexible working.
  • The canteen is excellent!

What’s in it for you

  • An annual bonus scheme which you can achieve up to 3.5% of base salary.
  • Privilegecard (including a 2nd card for a family member) after 6 months service with 10% off most purchases at Tesco.
  • Holiday starting at 25 days plus a personal day.
  • A retirement savings plan - 4% - 7.5% contribution rate.
  • Life Assurance - 5 x contractual pay.
  • Buy As You Earn Scheme which allows you to buy Tesco shares and save tax after 3 months of service.
  • Save As You Earn Scheme which gives you the opportunity to save direct from your pay for three or five years with the option of using your savings to buy Tesco shares at a discounted price after 1 year of service.
  • Access to Tesco Learning and Development Academy, Safari Books and Plurlsight Technology Learning Platform.
  • Deals & Discounts through Tesco including Tesco Mobile & Tesco Bank.
  • Deals and Discounts through many other external businesses.
  • Cycle to work and Car Share Schemes.
  • Onsite discounted Nuffield Health Gym.
  • Subsidised Canteen.

Application process

Our office application process varies depending on the role and the level of experience needed.

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