Principle Software Development Engineer

Hours: 36

Salary: £90000 - £118000

Location: Farringdon

United Kingdom

Apply by: 12/04/2019

Principle Software Development Engineer


About the role

The opening date for this vacancy is the 13/3/2019 and the closing date will be the 10/4/2019

Online team looks after all of the customer experience for Grocery,, Tills and Mobile Apps inside Tesco. We are also responsible for grocery websites across 6 other countries. As a team, we strive to offer a seamless customer account experience across all of Tesco channels.

Built on a brand-new cloud platform running on NodeJS, Swift, Java and using ReactJS we are leveraging API’s allowing us to be completely stateless. Built with modern web standards, multi-tenant, our approach is to replace existing functionality one vertical at a time. We’ve embraced modern testing frameworks and strive for the principle of automation throughout our development and release cycle.

We’re not running at insignificant scale either, we are the biggest online grocery website in the world. We are central to almost every technology-oriented journey that Tesco has and we even have our software running on Tesco till. If you’ve ever shopped in a store, or with us online, you’ve been a user of our Technology.

At Tesco Technology we deliver valuable outcomes to Tesco through a data-led and agile product-based approach whilst balancing the need for delivery with our commitment to obtain the highest possible standards of availability, reliability and security. Every millisecond of latency improvement is important to us.

We build modern event-driven, state of art frontend and Restful services utilising a wide range of technologies including:

  • Java, .net, Spring Boot, Vert.X, RxJava, Groovy, Go.
  • GraphQL, Swift, ReactJS, NodeJS
  • Amazon Web Services, Azure, Kubernetes, Docker, Jenkins, Linux;
  • Apache Cassandra, Apache Kafka, Oracle, SQL Server.


We take responsibility for the software through its entire lifecycle. We practice continuous integration and delivery and support our code through to production and beyond. We give teams the autonomy to work in the way that best suits them whilst maintaining some shared ceremonies including a regular show and tell session.

We have teams in multiple Geography. The team works according to Agile principles, adapting Kanban and other techniques as appropriate to succeed. Pairing is very common and all code is reviewed via Github. We are embracing continuous delivery principles, but it’s a journey of continuous improvement to get there.

You will be responsible for

As a Principal Software Development Engineer you’ll drive the technical direction of one of the major product of Tesco Technology. You’ll be one of the most senior engineer in a team of 150+ engineers and will work with the Head of Software Development, Director and our product managers to help move us forward in our technical strategy whilst delivering valuable outcomes for our consumers and customers. You’ll work within and across our outcome teams offering them architectural guidance and support as well as having the freedom to spend time looking ahead and proving out new approaches, technologies and tools. You’ll drive us forward in how we run and operate APIs and distributed systems at true scale.

Specifically, you will:

  • Define and drive the development of our technical strategy for evolving the Tesco Technology platform.
  • Be hands-on and contribute a significant amount to delivering outcomes.
  • Work across Tesco Technology on wider technical initiatives and strategy.
  • Mentor and grow the technical capabilities of our engineering community through leading by example, knowledge sharing and education.
  • Take ownership of non-functional outcomes within Tesco Technology including focus on performance, availability, reliability and security.
  • Continually look for how we can evolve and improve our technology, processes and practices.
  • Drive a vision for the context and comfortably anticipate future vectors of change and plan accordingly
  • Model multiple domains, articulate contexts & boundaries and articulate why behaviour should live in a given context
  • Drive different projects/teams that overlap and shapes more generic solutions that can be shared and influences architecture on a wider scale particularly at the interface between front and back end.

You will need

  • A polyglot set of languages, frameworks and technologies on which you can draw from your background of commercial experience with. You are equally comfortable with imperative and functional approaches; asynchronicity and you inherently look to identify failure modes.
  • A high degree of emotional intelligence. You are aware of your own emotions, how you appear and can self-reflect on your actions. You can empathise with others and modify your behaviour and style accordingly.
  • Problem solving, analysis and computational skills. You are comfortable designing systems and reasoning about them. When tackling problems, you take a thorough and logical approach to solving them and you retain ownership through to resolution.
  • Customer focus. You can find the right balance between outcome delivery and technical excellence. You place the needs of our customers above the needs of you and the team.
  • Written and verbal communication skills. You can communicate effectively and efficiently considering the nature of your audience. You foster open and honest technical discussions where everybody involved feels they are part of the decision. You invite challenge and adopt a ‘disagree and commit’ attitude when needed.

What’s in it for you

  • We build systems to solve real world problems at scale, with impact for tens of millions of people.
  • There are phenomenal engineers (and managers, programme and product people) to learn from.
  • We are agile and contemporary in our approach to building software and teams.
  • There’s a great atmosphere and we work sustainably as a team.
  • Tesco has a “do the right thing” mentality.
  • We promote flexible working.

Application process

Our office application process varies depending on the role and the level of experience needed.

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