Layout Analyst

Salary: competitive

Location: Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire AL7 1GA

United Kingdom

Apply by: 19/05/2019

Layout Analyst

Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire AL7 1GA

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You will be responsible for

• Collaborating with health and safety team to understand and follow recommendation on separation or segregation for different classes of hazardous products

• Collaborating with product streaming manager to ensure space and layout is planned accordingly to future product streaming changes and ranging strategy

• Collaborating with customer fulfilment and distribution centres team to inform about any upcoming changes, highlighting any product layout compliance and XY Coordinates exceptions and support with relevant layout related queries

• Helping on site during implementation of the layout changes providing great depth of system knowledge and technical support to minimise risk and impact to the timelines

• Finding future layout improvement opportunities through detail data analysis and on site operational review

• Updating and maintaining XY Coordinates and layout blueprints


You will need

Operational skills relevant for this job:

• An analytical mind set and the ability to use data and SME knowledge to drive business improvements

• Ability to deal with ambiguity in data and a fast-paced environment

• Testing, measuring and validating the value of created outputs in live environments

• Great communication and interpersonal skills

• Responsiveness and ability to deal with ad-hoc requests

Experience relevant for this job:

Fulfilment, distribution and retail experience (preferred but not mandatory)

• A degree (or equivalent qualification) in Economics, Logistics, Supply Chain Management, Operations Research, Mathematics, Statistics or other business/analytical related fields is beneficial

• Manipulating, analysing and blending data using different sources and softwares

• Experience in 3D modeling (drawing applications - SketchUp) and data visualisation tools (Tableau)

• Experience in use of the WMS (Warehouse management systems)

• Good understanding of storage utilisation, product placement and process flow operational dependencies


Application process

Our office application process varies depending on the role and the level of experience needed.

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