Technical Programme Manager – Store Numbering and Communications

Hours: 36

Salary: Competitive

Location: Welwyn Garden City

United Kingdom

Apply by: 10/12/2020

Technical Programme Manager – Store Numbering and Communications

Welwyn Garden City

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About the role

There are two aspects to this role:

  1. Store Numbering.

Problem Statement & Context

Tesco currently allocates a 4 digit identifier for stores.  These are unique by country (and between UK & RoI).  These identifiers currently are held, independently, across a wide range of systems.  There are certain rules that restrict ranges of numbers for “live” stores (vs. test systems), different store formats (for accounting purposes) and that we have a policy of never re-using a store number that has been previously allocated.

Given these constraints, and the pace of growth of new stores in the UK and RoI, we run the risk of running out of usable Store Numbers in the near future.  Whilst there is activity underway to remove these constraints, as part of a process of moving to a new set of services, and decommissioning many of the older systems that rely on holding store numbers, we need a short to medium term (up to the next 2-3 years) approach to ensure that this problem does not constrain growth.

Role Description

To work through the current “new store process”, and all systems and teams involved in the process, to understand how it may be possible to re-purpose 4 digit store numbers which are no longer in active use so that they can be re-used. 

Create appropriate approaches, test and prove out the feasibility and plan the implications of releasing these “newly available” store numbers into the business as usual operations.

  1. Store Communications

Problem Statement & Context

Recent research and insight has revealed colleague communication to be overly complicated, impersonal and outdated. This makes it difficult to communicate and effectively engage our 340,000 UK colleagues in a way that is reliable, meaningful and consistent. Colleague feedback has also revealed a preference towards personal phones as a way to access information, rather than centrally issued devices, which often have limited functionality or apps. This then leads to a lower adoption rates and utilisation levels than expected, further compounding the communication challenge.

Communication Programme Vision & Key Objectives

There is a clear opportunity to streamline and modernise the communication approach; facilitated through the most up to date and appropriate technology. The programme aims to deliver this via a centralised all-in-one solution, simplifying the multitude of duplicate systems and processes used today.

Help shape, structure and deliver the programme of work and related outcomes by:-

  • Helping define the scope, approach and ways of working between all the various Business and Technology teams involved (Channels, Work & Pay, Retail Colleague and Infrastructure Workplace)
  • Understanding the ‘As-Is’ communication tools, processes, challenges, opportunities and costs
  • Helping develop and shape the proposed ‘To-Be’ technical and non-technical solution/operating model options available and their pros/cons/costs
  • Building a high level programme/dependency mapping view of the different key Technology system transition states for the recommended option/s
  • Understanding trade-offs and resulting impacts; making impacts visible to Product, Infrastructure or Engineering for the right decision to be made
  • Creating and tracking a detailed technology delivery plan, which complements/aligns with the overall Communication Transformation programme plan
  • Bringing together, coordinating and energising virtual Technology teams to ‘deliver together, as one’
  • Build positive relationships with all teams, suppliers and external stakeholders to successfully deliver the target outcomes

You will be responsible for

Whilst specific responsibilities will be dependent upon the changing needs of the Tesco business, the following provides an overview of the role’s key responsibilities and measures:

  • Deliver programmes with business and/or technical risks
  • Optimise or use a standard programme delivery methodology for delivering programme goals (e.g. agile, waterfall, iterative)
  • Bring together, coordinate and energise virtual technology teams to deliver programme goals
  • Create and track a plan to deliver the programme goals, including the technical implementation plan
  • Understand trade-offs and resulting impacts; make impacts visible to Product, Infrastructure or Engineering for the right decision to be made
  • Managing dependencies, delivery timelines and implementations plans, using my knowledge of technical architecture
  • Appreciating and responding to delivery challenges, using my knowledge of engineering best practices and/or infrastructure implementations
  • Understand technology concepts, grasp new ones quickly and appreciate their implications on delivery
  • Effectively manage major incidents, ensuring stakeholders are updated with the right information to drive the correct decisions
  • Collaborate with the Product and Engineering teams to define annual budgetary requirements
  • Build positive relationships with suppliers & external stakeholders to deliver software or professional services
  • Coach peers and other roles, teaching where required, on methodologies and programme management tools

You will need

An ideal candidate must have demonstrated below key skills in their current and past roles:

  • Have a proven record of accomplishment in delivering technology and/or infrastructure; having done so across multiple teams in multiple geographies
  • Have experience of building credible relationships and influencing senior management & leadership teams
  • Strong Project, Stakeholder & Programme management skills
  • Strong vendor management and negotiating skills.
  • Exceptional reporting skills for programs and financial forecasting
  • Excellent communication & influencing skills and adoptability to changes

About us

Our vision here at Tesco is to become every customer's favourite way to shop, whether they are at home, out shopping, on the move, anywhere in the world.

In order to enable our vision, we strive to simplify operations for our Colleagues, Partners & Vendors to enable efficient trade.

Everything is underpinned by our continuous drive for the best tools and technology to deliver our vision. We’re driving innovation and transforming our Technology to become the world’s leading retailer.

We need people who share our ambition to deliver for our stakeholders. Passionate and confident people willing to take the initiative and drive us forwards. In return we offer excitement, a great team, an excellent benefit package, and significant career development opportunities.

Joining us means playing a part in defining; building and launching an ambitious roadmap of digital products that could affect the lives of millions of people over the years to come.

If that sounds exciting, then we'd love to hear from you.

Application process

Our office application process varies depending on the role and the level of experience needed.

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