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Product Manager

Bengaluru, KA, India

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Company Description

Tesco Bengaluru: We are a multi-disciplinary team creating a sustainable competitive advantage for Tesco by standardising processes, delivering cost savings, enabling agility, providing cutting-edge technological solutions and empowering our colleagues to do ever more for our customers. With cross-functional expertise in Global Business Services and Retail Technology & Engineering, a wide network of teams and strong governance we reduce complexity thereby offering high quality services for our customers. Tesco Bengaluru, established in 2004 to enable standardisation and build centralised capabilities and competencies, makes the experience better for our millions of customers worldwide and simpler for over 4,40,000 colleagues.
Tesco Technology consists of people from a number of different backgrounds, but having a common purpose to serve our shoppers a little better every day with our retail technological solutions. We shared a common interest in harnessing innovations in technology to enhance their shopping experience at Tesco stores. Whether making products, software or systems, our teams focuses on various aspects from taking strategic ownership of the architecture to delivering technological solutions such as design, testing, deployment, infrastructure, operation and security of the systems to ensure agile, smooth and safe operations. These help us to deliver the maximum business impact. Teams refine their internal processes to best fit their own needs, working to build core capabilities in application and services. We collaborate globally across teams to build end-to-end customer-facing solutions, as well as to share knowledge, experience, tools and techniques.
At Tesco, inclusion means that Everyone?s Welcome. Everyone is treated fairly and with respect; by valuing individuality and uniqueness we create a sense of belonging.
Diversity and inclusion have always been at the heart of Tesco. It is embedded in our values: we treat people how they want to be treated. We always want our colleagues to feel they can be themselves at work and we are committed to helping them be at their best.
Across the Tesco group we are building an inclusive workplace, a place to actively celebrate the cultures, personalities and preferences of our colleagues ? who in turn help to build the success of our business and reflect the diversity of the communities we serve.

Additional Information

Hiring Manager- Deverakonda Subrahmanyam

Last Date of Application- 4th Feb 2023

Important Notice: 

On behalf of Tesco Bengaluru, we must caution all job seekers and educational institutions that Tesco Bengaluru does not authorise any third parties to release employment offers or conduct recruitment drives via a third party. Hence, beware of inauthentic and fraudulent job offers or recruitment drives from any individuals or websites purporting to represent Tesco. Further, Tesco Bengaluru does not charge any fee or other emoluments for any reason (including without limitation, visa fees) or seek compensation from educational institutions to participate in recruitment events. 

Accordingly, please check the authenticity of any such offers before acting on them and where acted upon, you do so at your own risk. Tesco Bengaluru shall neither be responsible for honouring or making good the promises made by fraudulent third parties, nor for any monetary or any other loss incurred by the aggrieved individual or educational institution. 

In the event that you come across any fraudulent activities in the name of Tesco Bengaluru, please feel free report the incident at 

Job Description

In this job; I
Follow Tesco Bank Business Code of conduct and always acting with integrity and due diligence and have these specific risk responsibilities:
- Create business impact and value;- Effectively manage stakeholder expectations and dependencies for your product(s).
- Understand the concepts of 'Cost of Delay' and factor that during Backlog prioritization to maximize the business outcomes with minimal effort.

- Adequate Design; Research & Analytical Skills;- Understand User Research/ Design Thinking/ MVP concepts try to apply those for your product work by leading Product discovery work MVP) for a new product.
- Monitor competitor activity; commission; overseas market trends and UX research.
- Can take defined problems and identify resolution paths and opportunities to solve these problems towards robust data-driven decisions on product improvements.
- Have Ownership of one or more Product KPIs and driving agreed improvements.

- Product Strategy & Execution Skills;- Formulate & present a great vision; strategy and long-term roadmap for your product.
- Convert stakeholder requirements/needs into tangible product improvements; bridging commercial and technical teams and acting as the go-to resource for your product/ features.
- Can effectively break down complex piece of work/Epic into smaller; deliverable chunks of value that can be delivered faster.
- Work with counterparts in Program Mgmt.; Engineering to prioritize; coordinate and communicate the resolution of live product issues.
- Ensure all stakeholders have a common/shared understanding of the work being done and the value that is expected from of the outcome.
- Provide leadership and direction to cross functional team on short-term tasks/ near-term priorities.
- Drive the acceptance and adoption of ideas and improvements with product and engineering stakeholders.
- Present to other Tesco Product areas on your Product and its Engineering.

- Methodology/Process & Tool Skills (Product Practice);- Expertise in the use of Tools & Techniques for Backlog prioritization; managing dependencies and for gaining insights using available data points.
- Suggest improvements to product processes and methods to improve delivery.
- Demonstrate a curiosity and willingness to draw on best practice and learn from others (both internally and externally)
- Maintain an up-to-date version of key Product artefacts (Roadmap/Vision/ Go-to-market strategy etc.)

- Domain Knowledge;- Demonstrate good working knowledge of a large or complex product domain.
- Knowledge of AA – Automation Anywhere w.r.t.; RPA – Robotic Process Automation with Finance Background is desired.

- Technology Skills;- Technically competent to influence and understand the solution context & approach and aid engineering in estimating the complexity of work being requested.
- Understand Tech debt; the value Tech upgrades can unlock and can hold objective conversations with your technology counterparts to prioritize it during any sprint.
- Understand & specify non-functional requirements for your Product (Performance/ Security etc.) and collaborate with engineering to ensure those are met.

- Behavior & Soft Skills;- Demonstrate Ownership; Responsiveness & commitment towards your work and take pride in your Product.
- Demonstrate strong; data-based decision-making skills; especially when multiple trade-offs are involved; and faster decision are required.
- Demonstrate Empathy & good listening skills to understand the needs/pain points of your customers/ stakeholders.
- Have great coaching skills and mentors Associate Product Managers; peers and other team members in product management discipline.
- Encourage collaboration and communication between different product and engineering teams within your portfolio.
- Collaborate with external suppliers e.g. market research and solution providers of relevance to your product area.
- Can gain respect & trust of people/ team you work with by consistently demonstrating commitment in your work.
- Are proficient in the use Tesco leadership behaviours to encourage and get the best out of the people they work with.


-Customer Empathy
-Experimentation & Validation
-Enterprise Technology Design
-Creating Product Vision & Strategy
-Market Research
-Machine Learning
-Data Engineering
-Building a Roadmap
-Communicating and Managing a Long-term Product Roadmap
-Core Technology
-Development Lifcycle
-Product Methodologies
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