Bengaluru, India

About us We are the only international technology and retail operations centre for Tesco worldwide. Our team continuously work towards innovating and developing new ideas aimed at enhancing Tesco experience better for millions of our customers and simpler for over 440,000 colleagues around the world. 

Established in 2004, Tesco Bengaluru is a primary hub for Tesco Business Services and Group Technology.  Together these teams create a sustainable competitive advantage for Tesco by innovating, standardizing processes, solutioning and simplifying our operations.  The teams provide high quality services which ultimately enable our colleagues to do ever more for our millions of customers.
Our culture At Tesco Bengaluru, we believe in an inclusive culture where everyone can be their best. We support and encourage colleagues to be themselves, which will benefit us all. We have a connected culture, where our practices, policies and opportunities flow to our community, our campus, families and every colleague. 

We foster an environment of openness and collaboration so we can draw from the diversity, knowledge and experience of our colleagues. Our hiring practices focus on employing people who reflect the diverse nature of society and we value the contribution made by every colleague, irrespective of age, sex, disability, sexual orientation, race, colour, religion, ethnic origin or political belief.

Learning at Tesco Open to all colleagues, our Learning at Tesco platform puts colleagues in control of their personal development. Colleagues can select programmes that suits their learning style. Examples include:
  • In-house programmes - Run by Subject Matter Experts
  • External training programmes – Colleagues can choose specific learning partners and be trained on expertise skill sets of their choice. 
  • Career Coaching - These sessions help colleagues discover what is important to them in their life, how work fits into personal priorities and what their interests and ambitions are
  • Development programme for Women in Technology – An inclusive career development programme for women in technology enabling them to own and build a successful career at Tesco

Benefits for our colleagues  

Flexible working At Tesco Bengaluru, we support our colleagues’ work life balance by giving them the opportunity to work from home. We aim to provide a degree of flexibility for our colleagues to allow them to better balance the demands of the workplace and their personal circumstances. In this dynamic working environment there are times it may be more appropriate and productive to complete certain tasks or projects away from office.
Sabatical Our colleagues may want to take a break from work at some point to: pursue higher education or upskill themselves professionally; join their spouse on an international trip; or may be required to be off work to tend to an ailing family member. Our career break is a way of allowing our colleagues to take an unpaid break from work ranging from 3 months up to 1 year.
Childcare facilities  As part of our continued association with Klay we have access to the all new Klay facility which is within 500mtrs radius from campus. The center accommodates children of all age groups up to 6 years. Colleagues have access to CCTV cameras and a mobile app to monitor their children while they are at work.

In a move to help the nursing mothers at work, we have introduced nursing rooms on campus for mothers. The room has the amenities such as feeding area, refrigerators to store milk, feeding chairs and sanitation stations. 
Maternity Policy Our Maternity policy completely abides by the Maternity Benefit Act 2017 which entitles women colleagues to avail full paid absence from work. We have a special policy where mother can extend the leave by 6 months for which no compensation will be offered. However, the colleagues will be entitled for paid leaves during this period.
Travel safety For women colleagues who work in late shifts, we provide a security guard to escort them back.