Babette Cook

Current Role: Senior Technical Programme Manager


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How long have you worked at Tesco?

I’ve worked at Tesco for over 3 years.

When and why did you chose to join?

I joined in April 2017 after working in the broadcast and consultancy industry for several years. For some time I’d been itching to work for a company that could offer me a challenge but on a larger scale.

Why is it exciting to be part of Tesco?

On the surface most people would think that running a supermarket is quite straightforward. Unsurprisingly our role in Technology, is to help make customer’s shopping experience enjoyable and simple, and our colleagues lives easier. It’s mind blowing how much cutting-edge technology goes behind serving our shoppers a little better every day. Innovation is at the heart of everything we do. And the best bit is that no two days are ever the same. One minute you are launching a new product to millions of Clubcard customers across the UK, and then the next you are taking part in a non-stop 30 hour danceathon helping Tesco raise £2 million for charity!

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"You are actively encouraged to move around the organisation, broadening your experience and knowledge."

What has been your favourite experience through your time here?

Working with new technology is exciting but helping colleagues to progress is even more rewarding. So my favourite experience to date has been to see two of my team get promoted to Senior Technical Programme Managers.

What has helped you learn/develop/grow at Tesco?

There is a real emphasis on continuous learning and this is embraced at all levels; whether you are a recent graduate or a director. You are actively encouraged to move around the organisation, broadening your experience and knowledge. Like anyone I was fearful that when I moved to a new area I would make mistakes. I did make mistakes but my managers have always been truly supportive and see this as part of the learning process.

What advice would you give to people who are thinking about joining Tesco?

Don’t hesitate it’s the best decision I’ve made.


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