Below is a list of our most frequently asked questions. If you can’t find what you are looking for or have any feedback please contact us and make sure you provide the following information:

  • - Your full name
  • - The email address that was used to register with Tesco careers
  • - If store application, please provide the store number for the job you have applied for
  • - If office application, please provide the location and post code of job you have applied for

Displayed on the job advert are the availability windows.

We advertise availability windows to new colleagues which are x1.5 the contracted hours we have to offer.

This means that new colleagues will be scheduled to work their contracted number of hours at any point within those windows of time. For example, if a store has a job of 16 hours, they will advertise 24 hours of availability that they’re looking for from the successful job applicant.

If you are interested in a role but are not available for the full availability, we’re advertising then we are still keen for you to apply, and we can discuss this with you in further detail at your interview.

If successful, once you start your role, your shifts will be booked 3 weeks in advance, and if you know that you are unable to do a certain time during the availability you have given us, you will also have the option to request a temporary change of your shift availability windows.

Contact either the recruiter for your role or the team on Resourcing.Team@uk.tesco.com and they will be happy to help.

To find out more information about your Right to Work check click here.

We are unable to take CVs via email and it isn’t secure to send sensitive documents without them being encrypted. If you follow the application process it will make sure that everything is safe and secure and goes to the correct vacancy and hiring manager.

Tesco will only recruit individuals over school leaving age as anyone who has not reached school leaving age is defined as a ‘child worker’.

A ‘child worker’ differs depending on where in the UK you live:

England & Wales: someone is a child worker until the last Friday in June in the last year of compulsory education (year 11).

Northern Ireland: someone is a child worker until the 30th of June in the last year of compulsory education (year 11) as long as they have reached their 16th birthday. If they turn 16 on or after 2nd July of year 11, they remain a child worker until the following 30th June.

Scotland: There are two key dates on which a child reaches school leaving age: If someone turns 16 on or after 1st March and up to 30th September in the last year of compulsory education, they are a child until the last day of May in that year. If they turn 16 on or after 1st October of that year and up to the last day of February the following year, they are a child worker until the first day of the Christmas school holiday period or 21st December (if not attending school).

Head on over to https://www.tesco.com where youll be able to locate the stores address and contact number.

Our first priority is to make sure every colleague is paid quickly and correctly. To do that, our policy is always to pay colleagues directly into their bank accounts wherever possible. This applies to all of our colleagues, both permanent and temporary – we make no distinction.

Colleagues joining us on a temporary basis, for example to help serve customers over Christmas, will be paid directly into their bank accounts as soon as they provide these details.

One of the most important things to us at Tesco is that we have an inclusive workplace where everyone feels welcome and where we support people, no matter their circumstance. We want to give all our colleagues the same opportunities and support, and this includes the way in which people are paid.


You can find out more about our approach to pay and reward here.

If you require additional support whilst exploring our website, we have teamed up with Recite Me, a tool that enables you to adapt the formatting of our website to suit your requirements. This can be found by clicking on Accessibility at the top of the page and selecting Toolbar (ReciteMe).

Yes, you can. We encourage you to apply to roles that are appropriate to you. Think about your skills and goals and what roles suit these.

To view our current vacancies, please click here to visit our Search and Apply page. 

Job alerts are emails that are sent to your email address when a role comes up that’s right for you. To sign up for job alerts, you’ll need to create an account and set your alerts by telling us what position you’d like. Then, when a job that suits you is available in your area, we'll send you an alert to let you know.

You will find a ‘Sign up for job alerts’ button at the bottom of most of the pages on the Tesco Careers website. Once selected you will need to log into your account and click the jobs > job search option. Then you’ll see a blue box where you can subscribe to job alerts by different preferences such as Country, Location, Distance, Job Category, and Contract Type. If you haven’t got an account, you can create one on this page.

To cancel an email alert, you can do this under ‘saved job alerts’ under the jobs option.

For stores roles head on over to www.tesco.com/store-locator where youll be able to locate the stores address and contact number.

For office roles please contact your recruiter or the hiring manager who arranged your interview.

In the vast majority of cases your username will be the email address that you used to register with initially.

Normally this is all in lower case but does depend upon how you wrote the details in, in the first place.

You may have edited your profile email in the application form, but your username will remain the email address you registered with initially.

Please be aware that all login details are case sensitive, so please take care when entering these details into the username and password fields.

If you continue to have issues with logging in to your account, please click “forgotten password” and follow the on-screen instructions.

You can request Password Reset instructions using the 'Password Reset' link which can be found in the Tesco careers home page.

When you click on this link you will be asked for the email address that you registered with. Please enter this and then click 'Reset my password'.

Instructions on how to reset your password will be sent via email in the next 15 minutes, providing you have entered an email address that has an account associated to it.

The password reset email will contain your Username, a Reset link. Please click on the link to change your password.

If you have forgotten your password, please follow this link to reset your password:


Please make sure you follow the 'Forgot your password?' link without completing any other fields. You will soon be asked to enter your email address you initially registered with. Once you have done this, your username and new password will be emailed to you.

Should you experience any technical difficulties, please get in touch with the recruitment team on Resourcing.Team@uk.tesco.com. Sending as much information as possible, such as screen shots, is helpful so we can try and fix the problem.

On your dashboard open ‘settings’ on the top right of the page. There you can change your account settings and password.

You can email Resourcing.Team@uk.tesco.com and ask them to delete your account. They will do everything for you and send you confirmation once it has been deleted.

Once you have submitted your application, you can amend any of the information that you entered in the Personal Details section. This will include your home address, phone number and email address and date of birth.

If you are unsure whether you have an account, or you are having problems registering your e-mail account you may already have a login with us. Please use the Reset Password link to have your password sent to you.

 If for whatever reason you have registered multiple accounts using the same email address, it does not mean that your username will be the same for all accounts.

 If your username for the first account is:Name@hotmail.com, Then the username for your second account may very well be:Name@hotmail.com1

 If you do have multiple accounts, please ensure that you use the same account for each application. Starting an application form using one account does not mean you can access the same application form using a different account. Similarly, account2 log-in details will not allow you to login to an application form using account1.

Please log in to your account on the Tesco Career Centre and go into the job application you would like to withdraw. This can be done either by going into the application and clicking “Withdraw application” at the bottom or on your dashboard if you have already applied for the role.

For a role in our stores or distribution centres, it can take up to five weeks to hear the results of your application, depending on the volume of candidates.

For a role in our offices, one of our recruiters should be in touch within two weeks of the closing date of the role.


If you haven’t heard from anyone after this time has passed, then please email Resourcing.Team@uk.tesco.com and they will be able to help.


If you are having trouble uploading a document, please make sure the file you upload is:

1. Not corrupted.
2. Not on a shared server or drive.
3. Accessible without restrictions.
4. Not digitally signed or password protected.
5. Incorrect format and within the file size limit as suggested on the application form.

The mandatory fields are coloured, with an asterisk * beside them. These fields must be completed before you can submit the application form.

Occasionally if a page asks for large amounts of information the data fields may be larger than the width of the page. If this is the case, you can see a scroll bar at the bottom of the page. Please scroll across to the right and the missing mandatory field will appear.

We are sorry to say that you have not reached the minimum criteria required in our automatic screening. Have another read through of your answers: what would you change if you were to put yourself in our customers' shoes? Please note you cannot apply for same vacancy again.

It could be down to the high volume of candidates; however, it could also be down to your right-to-work check. Check your inbox and junk box to see if you have received anything from noreply@tescortw.co.uk. If not, then email Resourcing.Team@uk.tesco.com and theyll be more than happy to help.

We have recently updated our systems therefore we would advise you not to access the website via any bookmark or favourites that have previously been saved. This to ensure you do not experience any problems while submitting your application form.

Once you have submitted your application form, when you log back into your account you will be able to view the following information:

  1. The status of your application and you will also be able to edit your personal details.
  2. Please check your emails to make sure you are always aware of the application status.

If you have not already received an email confirmation, please attempt to log in to your application form.

If you are greeted with a message informing you that your application has already been submitted, then your application has already been received.

You do not need to reconfirm your application - unless you have previously been asked to do so.

Please note: If you are using a free web-based email service such as Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail etc., any emails sent automatically through the application system may arrive in your 'junk' folder, based on how you have configured your service.

Please check your junk folder regularly for any correspondence that might be sent.

If you want to check on the status of your application, please visit your “My job application” in Tesco careers regularly.

If you want to know the status of your submitted application, please log in to your Tesco careers where you can track your application status.

If the status has not been updated for or remains the same for more than 30 days, then please email Resourcing.Team@tesco.com who will assist with your query.

We’re a proud Level 2 Disability Confident Employer, which is a voluntary government scheme that encourages the employment of those with disabilities. It’s based around a specialist framework designed to help us attract, develop, and retain disabled talent. As a Disability Confident Employer, we’re committed to providing a fully inclusive and accessible recruitment process. For further information about how we can support you with reasonable adjustments to our application processes, please visit our Accessibility tab by clicking here.

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