Jyoti Radhu

Current Role: Head of Software Development


Empowering people to be who they are.


Meet Jyoti and learn about the many hats she wears as a Head of Software Development. And read about the importance placed on creating a supportive, inclusive environment at Tesco.


“As a technologist, I’m privileged to have worked in multiple domains and to be on the forefront of evolving technological revolutions. There’s no part of the world today that hasn’t gone through some form of technological disruption over time. And I’m so proud to be a part of making history at Tesco.

I joined in February 2021 as Head of Software Development in the commercial business unit. We design and build the systems and processes that allow our colleagues to source, select and sell the best products for our customers. And the results speak for themselves. Supplier satisfaction is high, customer loyalty is soaring year on year, we’re the first UK supermarket to distribute food via electric-powered lorries. This list goes on. This is a testament to the state-of-the-art tech we use, and the strong relationships and trust Tesco has built.

“My role has many different flavours, so it’s impossible to pick my favourite part.”

Driving and delivering impact is a continuous process, and it’s only possible with strong, self-motivating and technically passionate teams. In my opinion, a culture that’s empowering, inclusive and supportive provides the essential foundation to build high performing teams. I wear multiple hats – sometimes all within the same day. My role has many different flavours, so it’s impossible to pick my favourite part. I enjoy all of it.

I’m the financial custodian of my function and it’s my role to drive our strategy. I work very closely with stakeholders and my counterparts in other functions. It’s my responsibility to lead my teams with a clear sense of purpose and vision, aligning well with Tesco’s objectives. I’m also a Vice Chair on the Inclusion and Diversity Council for India at our Bengaluru site. With 14 members, the IDC focuses on different pillars including women in tech and leadership, the LGBTQ community, and people with disabilities – as core areas.

“Training, mentoring, empowerment ¬– support for women is a priority at Tesco.”

As a woman in the tech industry, I’m lucky to have had the chance to work with leaders, accomplished technologists and mentors. One of the key lessons I learnt from them is – nothing is impossible if you have a strong will to make a difference, the right team at work and a great support system at home. The blip I faced after coming back from maternity leave in my previous organisation, was finding it tough to balance my professional and personal life.

My manager at the time required more than I could offer, ­and I didn’t have the courage to express my feelings or say no. I think this is where I gained an understanding of what is meant when people say: ‘your biological and professional clock always overlap and it’s about making the right choices and communicating’. My daughter will be off to college soon and I’ll have more time on my hands, so who knows what the future will bring for me at Tesco. But everyone I’ve spoken to here has said it’s a great place to come back to after having kids. Training, mentoring, empowerment ­– support for women is a priority at Tesco.

“If you’re looking for work that’s as fun as it is challenging, you’ll find it at Tesco.”

Tesco invests a lot in its colleagues. Besides a very competitive package, there’s a slew of benefits that give a definite edge. ‘Whole self, best self, yourself’ is our expression of caring deeply for our colleagues’ health and wellbeing. We have a sprawling green campus, big auditorium, all-day cafeteria, and the autonomy to drive our own development – what more could I ask for? So, if you’re looking for work that’s as fun as it is challenging, you’ll find it at Tesco.”

Everyone’s welcome at Tesco. We’re there for our people, whatever life brings. So we’ll do everything we can to support you. To help make sure you always feel comfortable being yourself at work, and that you’ve got what you need to develop and grow with us.

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