Katherine Mardle

Current Role: UX Designer


The sky's the limit with the right support


Meet Katherine and hear about the balance she’s able to strike with her work and home life, thanks to the flexibility at Tesco. Plus learn about the support she has been given to help fulfil her career potential within the Tech team.


“I’ve been with Tesco for 11 years and it’s been quite a journey with 8 different roles, many managers, teams, and experiences, but I finally discovered where I belong when I joined Technology as a UX Researcher in January 2020. 

I had been looking at various roles in Tech and speaking to fellow Tech colleagues about making the jump from Marketing to Technology for a while. I was then fortunate enough to meet someone who introduced me to UX whilst doing an internal Product Management course. And I haven’t looked back since.

"Everyone truly cares about how you’re doing, both professionally and personally."

Now I’m doing a job I love, and my team is great. UX is all about listening and learning, understanding problems and finding feasible solutions. It requires empathy, patience and resilience and that sums up the people in my team. Their soft skills are reflected in their personalities ­– everyone truly cares about how you’re doing, both professionally and personally.

As a mother of two, I really care about my work life balance.  It’s a big part of why I’ve stayed with Tesco so long ­– the flexibility. I work four days a week and live close by. For me, location and hours are key to striking that balance, and within my team where half of us have kids, there’s a genuine understanding of that.

If I need to go off-line due to an unexpected issue at home or with my children, I feel comfortable letting my team know, rather than anxious about taking the time out. 

"You prioritise your own workload and are respected enough to be able to do the work well."

Having the right balance is so important for your mental wellbeing too. I think that even when you’re doing a job you love, you have to be able to close the door on it at the end of the day. What’s brilliant about my role and our team is that you are trusted to prioritise and deliver your own workload. It such a refreshing culture to be a part of.

One-to-ones are also a high priority. Whenever I meet with my manager each week, he really listens and wants to know you’re ok. That’s the mentality of the entire team. If you’re having a bad week, they want to find out why, and explore how they can support you. And I believe that if you encourage a good team culture, where everyone is listened to and understood, then naturally you’ll have a happier and more productive team.

"In my role, I’ve been able to build on my confidence, become stronger, and believe in myself more."

You’re hired because of what you can offer. In my role, I’ve been able to build on my confidence, become stronger, and believe in myself more. The more feedback I ask for, the more I get. There are always suggestions on what I can work on, but I get a lot of positive feedback, and that’s really empowering.

"There’s a future for me in the Tech team and I can finally see that I could fulfill my potential."

I can see how people end up having a long career in UX. And that’s where I want to get to. I haven't always felt I've fulfilled my potential, but there’s a future for me in the Tech team.

Everyone has time to share their experiences and is encouraging about whatever you want to achieve. My manager has been very supportive of my journey, helping me grow, improve and progress. There are plenty of opportunities within the Tech team at Tesco, every area is different and there are so many avenues to explore.

And there are loads of online courses, videos and documentation available at Tesco for personal growth and development. It’s really down to how much you invest in yourself and your progression.  If you want it, go get it, the sky’s the limit.”

Everyone’s welcome at Tesco. We’re there for our people, whatever life brings. So we’ll do everything we can to support you. To help make sure you always feel comfortable being yourself at work, and that you’ve got what you need to develop and grow with us.

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