Kawaldeep Anand

Current Role: Head of Product, Fulfilment Technology


Tesco: it's where impact and values are alive


Learn what Kawaldeep, Head of Product in the Fulfilment Technology team, has to say about the evolution of Whoosh – and how it’s helping to deliver those last-minute essentials in an hour or less. Discover what he gets out of developing speedy solutions that make life a little more convenient.


“I moved to the UK with my family in 2018 to start a new role with Tesco as Head of Product. At Tesco, people truly care about you, and it shows. It’s a very people-centric company, driven by values. We treat people how they want to be treated – it’s as simple as that. You see everyone living the values in every conversation and every engagement. It’s such a human and humble experience at work.

“People truly care about you, and it shows.”

Today, a part of my job is to help grow Whoosh: our rapid delivery service that gets your everyday essentials and little luxuries delivered within 60 minutes. If you need a quick evening snack with friends and family, or you’re short of an ingredient for your dinner recipe – we’ll deliver it to you within an hour or less. Whoosh is all about convenience. Tesco’s purpose comes to life with Whoosh, so do our values – no one tries harder for customers.


We’re catering for small, urgent needs. And we’re being a good neighbour to our communities. A lot of Whoosh deliveries come from a store which is just a few roads away from your home. Your local Tesco Express. And we’re thinking about the environment, too. These are rapid deliveries mostly using smaller vehicles and bicycles, leaving a lower carbon footprint.

“Our purpose comes to life with Whoosh, so do our values.”

Whoosh is still in its early days and there’s more to do. We’re constantly asking ourselves the questions: how do we offer the utmost convenience to customers? How can we grow it sustainably? We’re working on ways to offer more choice to customers. Speaking of choice, there’s plenty of inspiration on Whoosh if you’re wondering what to have for dinner!


As a business we have 100+ years of retailing experience. For Whoosh, we’re not only leveraging our experience, but also learning something new every day. We’re listening to our customers and colleagues, and we’re on a mission to make Whoosh the most convenient rapid delivery service.


And that takes the collective effort of our business and technology teams, and our partner companies. Within technology, at least 15 or more technology products come together to create the right customer experience and a simple scalable operating model. It’s a one team approach: everyone has the same goal, mission and passion. That passion is powering the work we do. We solve difficult problems at speed, together. And everyone is talking about Whoosh. Whether it's an engineer or a product manager, executive sponsors, or our CEO – I see so much energy, passion and commitment around what we’re doing. That gives me a lot of confidence.

“We’re on a mission to make Whoosh the most convenient rapid delivery service”

Personally, it’s very exciting and enriching for me. Because if you solve a problem today, you see the impact tomorrow. With Whoosh, I get to leverage my years of learning from building products and solving problems for Fulfilment and Distribution networks. At the same time, I’m learning a lot about the evolving customer needs in an emerging industry segment of rapid delivery services. Of course, there’s a sense of accomplishment! But there are lots of problems to solve, loads of opportunities and an exciting journey ahead of us.”

Being part of our Technology team means you get the time and tools to try new things. Like the ideas that make life a little better for our customers. And the career progression that makes life a little better for you, too.

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