Systems Engineer III - Development Tooling Developer

Hours: 36

Salary: Competitive

Location: Welwyn Garden City AL7 1GA

United Kingdom

Apply by: 01/11/2022

Systems Engineer III - Development Tooling Developer

Welwyn Garden City AL7 1GA

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About the role

As a Software Development Engineer III, you are in a senior Individual Contributor engineering role at Tesco. Your proficiency with foundational computer science and software engineering concepts is taken as a given, and you will have proven significant technical depth and breadth. At this level you will be playing an active role in technical leadership, with proven impact across teams and the wider directorate. You take ownership and accountability of the development of the products in your domain. You participate in activities that build capability across the organisation: coaching and mentoring of existing colleagues, and interviewing/hiring of new colleagues. Once you have reached the SDE3 level, progression will vary significantly, and is likely to include more lateral opportunities than vertical promotion. This is also the level of core technical knowledge you must reach before considering a sideways move to the management track.

The role will be within the newly created UK chapter of our Development Tooling team driving to build, engineer and create the best possible toolchain for the other ~3000 software developers within Tesco Technology.

You will be responsible for

My impact reaches beyond my immediate team, and I provide perspective and context for technology choices across my directorate. The work that I do has foundational impact across teams in my area and the directorate that I am a member of. I am a technical leader for my teams and others will regularly come to me for mentorship and support. I am comfortable both supporting other engineers in their delivery and taking the lead on key features as appropriate. I have delivered multiple projects that move the needle for the business. I have demonstrated technical breadth and depth; I am an expert in my domain.


At this level, I display a high degree of ownership for the work conducted by the team. I am accountable for the quality of every result, produced by individuals and teams. I am an advocate of best practices across my directorate. I build maturity in the way we develop, deliver and operate services. I ensure that we’re learning from the best in the industry, designing and implementing appropriate testing and deployment strategies.


I can anticipate feature evolution of my product. I utilise this when facilitating design sessions to ensure that the system architecture evolves to support future requirements. I understand the wider Tesco architectural strategy and champion its application to the systems that I work on. At this level my job starts to become just as much about exercising technical judgment as it does about implementation.


I am comfortable managing competing priorities and am able to bring order to ambiguous scenarios. I create optimal outcomes combining short-term and long-term goals, utilising data driven decision making techniques to take appropriate trade-offs. I can identify risks and proactively engage with product and programme managers. I am a strong communicator within my team and to my stakeholders.


I am a trusted mentor, a role-model for more junior engineers. I am approachable and am frequently asked to mentor those around me. I prioritise sharing skills and technical knowledge across the directorate, both informally in 1:1 discussions and by arranging more formal training opportunities.


I build capability and raise the bar by contributing to hiring and interviewing practices. I regularly participate in recruitment assessments. Externally I represent the best of Tesco Technology to attract new talent and encourage interest in our organisation.


You will need

Additional and role specific:

  • Take a problem where technical strategy or approach is defined and come up with the solution design and drives the implementation with a fair level of autonomy including interacting with other SDEs in the same team or peer teams
  • Reach out for direction proactively in case of ambiguities or constraints
  • Own the delivery of a major component in a service or a small service entirely as part of a feature delivery
  • Suggest improvements to processes and methodologies to enhance delivery speed quality
  • Mentor and guide other WL1 SDEs in the team and help in hiring
  • Question requirements and challenge where necessary
  • Identify value of tasks & always work on the highest priority items


  • Demonstrate a good understanding of at least one major programming language (Java)
  • Understand the framework and enough of the tool ecosystem of the chosen language to implement end to end components with minimal assistance Comfortably produce and refactor code without assistance
  • Test drive features in programming language of choice
  • Understand different major language paradigms (OOPS/Functional)
  • Understand presence of abstraction beneath language (JVM/CLR)
  • Reason about complexity of algorithms (time and space) and code (cyclomatic)

Debug code

  • An in depth understanding of Public/Private/Hybrid Cloud solutions and experienced. in integrating public cloud into traditional hosting/delivery models with a specific
  • Focus on Microsoft Azure and AWS.
  • Experience in conducting cloud service maps and security considerations as part of a wider Cloud Adoption Framework.
  • Extensive experience in architecting enterprise public cloud solutions.
  • Experience with implementing Infrastructure as a Code with automation.
  • Be comfortable with being responsible for the delivery of significant cloud and automation projects.
  • Understand and resolve complex issues


  • Identify design patterns in code
  • Implement design patterns with guidance
  • Comfortably translate small behaviour requirements into tasks & code
  • Understand how high-quality code can lead to rapid delivery
  • Write clean maintainable code
  • Demonstrate a basic understanding of domains and domain modelling
  • Seek out and use appropriate abstractions
  • Understand patterns for integration (events/services)
  • Understand how to leverage existing functionality outside immediate project
  • Understand scope of project and when to move behaviour to other services

Development Practice

  • Understand continuous integration and continuous delivery
  • Demonstrate a working knowledge of CI tooling
  • Writes tests to ensure CI/CD processes work
  • Understand BDD/TDD/Performance/Security/Smoke testing
  • Demonstrate a good working knowledge of one relevant operating system
  • Security & Networking
  • Understand Oauth/Saml & identity models

What’s in it for you

  • An annual bonus scheme.
  • Colleague Clubcard (including a 2nd card for a family member) after 3 months service with 10% off most purchases at Tesco.
  • Holiday starting at 25 days plus a personal day.
  • A retirement savings plan - 4%-7.5% contribution rate.
  • Life Assurance - 5 x contractual pay.
  • Buy As You Earn Scheme which allows you to buy Tesco shares and save tax after 3 months of service.
  • Save As You Earn Scheme which gives you the opportunity to save direct from your pay for three or five years with the option of using your savings to buy Tesco shares at a discounted price after 1 year of service.
  • Access to Tesco Learning and Development Academy.
  • Deals & Discounts through Tesco including Tesco Mobile & Tesco Bank.
  • Deals and Discounts through many other external businesses.
  • Cycle to work and Car Share Schemes.
  • Onsite discounted Nuffield Health Gym.
  • Subsidised Canteen.
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