Place to get on

At Tesco, everyone is welcome. There's a place for everyone, whoever you are and whatever you do.


This year has been hard for all of us. But, it has been particularly hard for young people. A whole generation is grappling with the disruption COVID-19 has caused to their education and job prospects.


That’s why we have committed to help over 45,000 young people build employability skills and jumpstart their careers in the next year, whatever their background. 

Shizelle's Story

We are proud to have helped many young people unlock opportunities where there may have been barriers before. Colleagues like Shizelle, who struggled to find a suitable role after finishing university. Shizelle is now a Cyber Graduate at Tesco and feeling much more optimistic about her future. It’s great to see Shizelle’s confidence soar. Check out the video to hear more.

Tommy's Story

Finding work whilst navigating responsibilities at home can be a struggle. Tommy secured a permanent role with us after taking part in the Kickstart programme. Working flexibly allows Tommy to carry on caring for his mum and bring home a wage too. It’s great to see Tommy looking so fulfilled. Take a look at the video to watch his inspiring story.