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'Every Little Helps'

The philosophy of Every Little Helps is behind everything we do - it's not just something we say, we really do mean it. Really.

But words are easy. It's actions that count. So here are some recent, real-life examples of 'Every Little Helps' in action.

"I can get what I want!"

To ensure our customers can always find what they're looking for, on every trip to one of our UK stores, we've introduced a new way of counting groceries. It's already helping us stop gaps appearing on our shelves.

"The prices are good!"

In our Chinese stores, we've introduced a price guarantee on basic foods our customers need, such as eggs, rice and bread. If they can buy these products for less at a local competitor, we refund double the difference.

"I don't queue!"

We're always looking to improve service at our checkouts to reduce how long people have to queue. Our "one in front" service in the UK (where we aim to open another till if there's more than one person in front of you) was so successful that we've been applying what we learned about colleague scheduling to our international businesses. Customers tell us they're delighted.

"The colleagues are great!"

We believe in constantly training our people, to improve our customers' experience when they shop with us. So all of our colleagues, throughout the world, regularly receive refresher training on how to deliver great customer service.