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Why join Tesco

Making Tesco a great place to work

We know that our people want four things from us at Tesco:

  • To be treated with trust and respect.
  • A manager who helps me.
  • An interesting job.
  • An opportunity to get on.

Everyone is welcome

Our aim is to reflect the communities we serve and mirror the workforce that we recruit from. We try and make sure everyone can work in a way that suits their circumstances.

We support flexible working, offering part-time roles and encouraging job-sharing opportunities and shift-swapping where possible.

A real opportunity to get on

Everyone who works here is encouraged to broaden their experience and work in different areas of the company. We want ambitious people to progress and encourage them to do so.

As part of Every Little Helps our commitment to our people is that we will give them the opportunity to get on so that they are able to get the training and support they need to do their job and to develop their careers at Tesco.

There are a number of ways our people can achieve this, through participating on an Options Development Programme, training for an Apprenticeship or studying for a qualification whilst at work.

We also use Talent Planning to identify and fill our vacancies, with over 12,000 of our managers having annual discussions regarding their development and potential. That's why over 80% of our management positions are recruited from within.