Customer Assistants

Day Replenishment - Customer Assistant

It's often the obvious little things which make Tesco tick. For example, it's really important our products are on the shelves and immaculately displayed.

But the biggest part of your job is simply to be there to help our customers - perhaps taking them to a product they can't find, or explaining how they can get the best from a special offer.

As a customer assistant, you will direct customers and assist in product location. You will also support warehouse colleagues with deliveries, fill promotion ends and merchandising units as well as ensuring that the aisles are tidy and clear.

That means a friendly, flexible approach - and a real belief in 'Every Little Helps'.

Night Replenishment - Customer Assistant

When the rest of the country is safely tucked up under a warm duvet, our night replenishment teams are working away to make sure customers get exactly what they want. Or to put it another way, you play a big part in delivering 'Every Little Helps'.

And being Tesco, that means much more than keeping the shelves full. You'll get involved in lots of different areas, from stock rotation to working on the tills. Just the same as customer assistants on day replenishment, you will support our warehouse colleagues with deliveries, ensure our aisles are tidy and clear and be supportive of other colleagues to deliver an excellent customer shopping trip at all times.

So you'll definitely need a can-do attitude and bags of initiative and enthusiasm.