Management Team

Our stores don't manage themselves

Every Tesco store is run like a business in its own right - a busy, fast-moving, high-achieving, high-rewards business full of people who are dedicated to providing great customer service. People who need great leadership if they're going to fulfil their potential.

Which is where you come in.

Flexibility is key

Our management teams ensure that our stores deliver to the crucial, customer-driven values that have made us such a success story today. It's a simple but challenging philosophy that unites every part of the business. We call it Every Little Helps, and our stores are at the very heart of it.

Because we're so customer-driven, our version of leadership doesn't involve sitting in an office issuing instructions all the time. You'll spend most of your time on the shop floor, seeing first-hand what makes your customers and colleagues tick.

And there are times when everyone mucks in, such as when preparing for our busy evenings. Quite literally the whole team work together to ensure the store is ready and every shelf is stocked. You'll be on hand to ensure it's all done as efficiently and speedily as possible - and if that means filling some shelves yourself then that's what you'll do.