Michał Furdyna

Current Role: Software Development Manager


The tech Michał and his team develop provides a great employment experience for our colleagues. And while he has impact on their day-to-day working lives, he’s got the autonomy to have a direct influence on the culture at our hub in Kraków too. Take it away, Michał.


“I’ve only been at Tesco for eight months, but even in that short time, I’ve felt like a part of the family. I’m a Software Development Manager (SDM) in our Kraków hub in Poland. And one of the biggest reasons I joined was the opportunity I was given to influence. The hub is still pretty small, and I wanted to be part of developing the team, work and environment. And I’ve been able to do just that.

When you work at Tesco, you’re given an opportunity to be part of crafting the culture. And this is clear from the recruitment process. Even if we’re hiring a Software Development Engineer, one of the first interviews is about leadership. This allows us to get to know the kind of person who’ll be joining the team and I think it’s probably the most crucial element of the hiring process.

My team is responsible for a project called the Colleague Eventing Platform, which enables different microservices inside Tesco’s colleague domain to communicate data that supports our colleagues’ working lives. Our goal in the Tech Enablers is to deliver a great employment experience for all colleagues. So, when a new starter lands in the HR system, we’ll be notified, and we make sure every other system that needs to know about it has all the relevant information. This could include everything from the systems that order uniforms, to the ones that generate colleague Clubcards. We also make sure that when something like annual leave is requested, the right systems are aware, so holiday gets approved, pay is correct and the right cover is provided for those absences.

“When you work at Tesco, you’re given an opportunity to be part of crafting the culture.”

The great thing about being an SDM is that I’m still connected to the tech. I’m responsible for what my team delivers and spend most of my time designing and reviewing new software, as well as overseeing the development. But I still get to write code and get involved in the technical side of the role. I enjoy taking ownership of the direction my team and the hub takes.

I manage a team of about 12 software developers. In my team, although some colleagues are skilled in areas like DevOps and testing, we don’t distinguish job titles. Everyone gets the opportunity to work in different areas and develop a variety of skills. Our services work behind the scenes, but the tech we develop directly impacts our colleagues – that excites me. And I get to guide what that looks like. I know that my work here is valued and that it’s supporting the way our business operates.

An interesting project I was a part of was migrating our system to another cloud provider. While the migration itself isn’t an extremely complicated process, it required a lot of knowledge about how our systems work. The most crucial element was ensuring we didn’t experience any downtime. I was new to the team at the time and tasked to manage the project. It was a great opportunity for me to learn on the job and from others in the team.

There are so many opportunities to learn at Tesco, whatever your role. We’re exposed to a world of online training tools and encouraged to take the time we need to explore them. But even more importantly, everybody knows that we’re all still constantly learning. It’s great to know I can go to my boss, as well as other more experienced colleagues, for advice and support and they’re happy to help.

It’s an exciting time to join Tesco, specifically in our Kraków hub. If you’re looking for a chance to have input into building the team and culture, there’s so much possibility here. Tesco is a place where everyone can have influence, where every voice really matters. And that’s what I value the most.”

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