Marcin Stanisławski

Current Role: Software Development Manager, Data Engineering


An insight into the data and people at Tesco


Meet Marcin who helps keep our processes efficient for our colleagues and customers. Read about what he enjoys most in his role, and the opportunities he’s had to develop since joining Tesco.


What attracted you to the Technology team at Tesco?

I spent a lot of my career working in start-ups and I was looking for a bigger organisation where I’d not only be challenged, but also given autonomy to make important decisions. Since joining Tesco, I’ve been empowered to build my team in the way I want and contribute to key technical decisions, which has helped me develop so many new skills.


What is your team responsible for?

My team is called Tesco Analytical Platform and we gather and align data related to the Fulfilment Domain. We lay foundations for our internal customers ­– which include data scientists and analysts – to make important business decisions by securing the best-in-class data and providing insights. This impacts the decisions made about everything, from picking products for delivery to transportation routes across all our entities such as depots, stores, and suppliers.


What’s your role and input as a Software Development Manager

I lead and support the team to deliver to the highest standard, while influencing best practice overall. Having previously worked in the Forecasting team, I have a unique perspective of the importance of accurate data and how it can affect efficiency within the business. We work alongside other teams, so it’s crucial that I create and maintain communication and synergy. I also support my colleagues to develop their skills and knowledge, which is something I take pride in.


What makes your work exciting?

Seeing the impact of our work is super cool. The data and insights we provide improve efficiency across our entire organisation. And that provides a better experience for our customers. We’re also working with complex systems and massive amounts of interesting data. Plus, we work on a feedback loop so, we collect the data, improve the quality, feed it to an analyst and then we collect data about the impact those insights have made. So we’re always given the opportunity to learn and improve.


What’s an interesting project you’ve been a part of?

Data processing is rapidly progressing nowadays, along with the entire technology space. So we’re trying to migrate our systems with an updated technology stack. It’s quite challenging, but very satisfying when we make progress without major disruption to the process, and still deliver the expected quality of data.


What’s your favourite thing about your role?

Starting with zero colleagues and building the team from the ground up has been very rewarding. We’re recruiting in a very competitive market, but we value the people who join us, not only for their skills, but for their attitude. The people are the ones who shape our technology and support the business to continue to evolve, so they’re the most important part. Building the structure and culture, as well as effectively onboarding new joiners, is a big part of my role. And I really enjoy it. I also think we have the best opportunity in such a huge organisation to learn from experienced, diverse experts, which is amazing. We have great training programmes, materials and portals that we can use to continuously develop, but I find talking to colleagues, who are always happy to support, is how I learn the most.


Why would somebody want to join a Tech team at Tesco?

You’ll find helping hands in every corner of Tesco. I believe it’s super important to feel welcome and supported in the workplace, and I’ve found that here. You’ll also discover a rewarding career – packed full of interesting, challenging work – where you can have huge impact every day.

Being part of our Technology team means you get the time and tools to try new things. Like the ideas that make life a little better for our customers. And the career progression that makes life a little better for you, too.

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